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The European card market has more than 4 billion plastic cards, 70% of which are made of PVC polymers; that means 28.000 tonnes of plastic (ICMA source). Recently the interest in everything related to the concept “eco-friendly” has increased in terms of materials for the manufacture of cards.

The ways to obtain new and better materials for the future, especially for the next generations, may be different but always vital for the protection of our environment.

We have a real possibility to improve and defend the ecosystem, which consists in the use of the right raw material for every demand. For this reason APLICARD offers other materials, besides PVC, which you can choose to manufacture high quality cards depending on each application:

Products / Degradation time


Within our business strategy of constant innovation in solutions for our customers APLICARD launches environment friendly cards.

As a result of a sustainable manufacturing process we have a card made from 100% biodegradable monolayer paper with the same characteristics in measurements (54mm x 86mm), thickness (780μ) and magnetic strip that a plastic card, but it is eco-friendly from beginning to end in its fabrication process.

The raw material used to produce the APPLECARD meets the standard EN 13432, when it treats about:

  • Biodegradation
  • Disintegration during the biological procedure
  • Effect in the treatment of the biological process
  • Effect on the quality of the resulting compost


The raw material used for biodegradable PVC cards is based on the common structure of PVC but is able to biodegrade in a short period of time (about 40 months) when placed in a natural environment.

It was possible to obtain this great result thanks to some additives and adjustments in the decomposition process of the PVC.

These new PVC materials are affected by a degradation process that consists in breaking their polymer chains and the destruction of the chemical bonds, we have water, carbon dioxide and salts as a final result.

Biodegradability was certified by an external and independent laboratory. This new biodegradable PVC can be used without any change in the manufacturing process, and combines the high technical performance of PVC with the growing demand for an eco-friendly product.


The PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) cards offer greater hardness and flexibility, so that their durability is greater than those made from PVC. Having a larger Vicat, PETG cards withstand higher temperatures. PETG is a biodegradable and non-toxic substance, since chlorine is not used for its manufacture. Its customization supports sublimation and thermoimpression.


Cards made with Polycarbonate are more resistant, weigh less and offer greater torsional resistance than other materials. Polycarbonate maintains its properties up to 145 degrees. Polycarbonate is the material used to manufacture ID cards, traffic permits and passports. The way to customize these cards is by laser.


APPLECARD plastic cards are the perfect mix between paper and plastic. Glossy or matt finish.