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Reprintable cards

Printed information of your cards can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times, whenever it is necessary to erase and print on the same card. Reprintable cards are ideal when it is necessary to renew constantly the card data, for example:

– Loyalty cards
– Pass cards
– Transport cards
– Ski passes o resort cards
– Students cards

They do not need ribbon because cards already contain a laminated thermochromic layer, it’s visibility depends on the design when we apply with a high temperature. This reversible printing permits to reprint the cards up to 500 times.

The card becomes a powerful medium that shows temporal o upgradeable information like points, special offers on the fidelity cards, name and important data on the visit cards.


  • Flexibility:

It is possible to deliver a new card every time you need it. The cycle erase-coding-(if necessary)-print is extremely fast.

  • Economically efficient solution:

This revolutionary rewritable technology does not need ribbon so it permits to cut costs. It is not necessary to throw the card and use another one since it is used the same one every time.

  • Sustainability:

The reuse of the cards helps to minimize the environmental impact.

  • Updating the information:

With our reprintable cards the updated encoded information in the magnetic stripe or in the proximity chip can be displayed and updated on the surface of the card. For example, loyalty card points can be shown on the card with each update; or it is possible to display the number of the trips left on our transport card.