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We have the option of putting at your disposal our entire range of cards with antibacterial and anti-coronavirus treatment
that produces a self-sterilizing effect.

This treatment, which is certified by BioLabTest Laboratory, does not lose its effectiveness, not even after production processes.

Once applied, the additive reduces the activity of the coronavirus family by a percentage greater than 95% within two hours of contacting our card. The effectiveness of the virucidal / bactericidal technology is guaranteed throughout the entire life of the card.

It is now available for your conventional cards, whether with RFID chip, magnetic stripe, cards made from 100% recycled plastic… It does not affect cards’ resistance or durability, as they are laminated.

If you wish to complete the safety information of the product, we have at your disposal the corresponding certificate and technical information from the manufacturer of the virucidal / bactericidal product.

Pathogenic activity without biocidal treatment

Pathogenic activity with biocidal treatment