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Instant Issuance


Advanced desktop direct-to-card printer for financial flat card issuance

The S3100 creates exceptional support for any financial department needing to produce high performance debit cards for new and retained customers.

Benefitting from years of proven expertise in the financial industry, Matica’s S3100 continues to proactively support companies through the ongoing programs that, for example, see payment infrastructures migrate to EMV flexible chip encoding, (contact and contactless).

In addition, the S3100 includes the ‘Matica Security Pack’ for financial issuance, which is a comprehensive set of security features aimed at fulfilling specific requirements for financial card personalization.


A flexible solution for financial card instant issuance

Using the same engine as the XID8300 Retransfer card printer, the S3200 is equipped with modified components to make it Mastercard and Visa compliant for the onsite issuance of flat financial cards by banks, credit unions and other institutions wanting to offer their customers personalized payment cards.


Setting the pace for Instant Issuance solutions

Instantly issue high quality embossed credit, debit and loyalty cards with the Matica S3400.

Like the S3500, its compact size saves space without compromising its big-thinking technology. While both are proficient desktop performers, (o-ffering modules in direct-to-card printing, embossing and encoding modules), the di-fference largely lies in the number of hoppers, which reduces from seven in the S3500 to two in the S3400.


A new generation of Instant Issuance Solution

The S3500 is a new, versatile system to issue credit- and debit cards in the most flexible way.

The system design is based on proven in-house available technologies, such as the embosser, the magnetic stripe encoder, the direct to card printing module and the card feeding modules.

This feature rich equipped standard system can be upgraded at any time to follow any growing demand of the card application.

Remarkable is the individual configuration of the card input hoppers. Up to five additional hoppers can be added – so the final configuration can choose from 7 individually loaded cartridges, that offers great flexibility when necessary to print different types of cards.