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Industrial Desktop Systems


Entry-level embossing solution

The S5000E is an entry-level solution for cost-conscious service bureaus, card manufacturers and financial institutions to fulfill mid-sized card issuance programs.

Incorporating Matica® proprietary technologies, the S5000E combines reliability, flexibility and simplicity within a durably constructed system that makes it the perfect offline embossing solution.


Entry-level solution for low to mid-volume card issuance programs

S5200E is a compact desktop embossing solution, capable to print 500 cards per hour, dedicated for mid-size issuance programs and distributed issuance programs.

S5200E is designed to exceed the single shift duty cycle, while ensuring consistent performance and output quality, thanks to the modular combination of single and multiple encoding stations, embossing drums and tipping unit.


The only industrial solution in the market with laser technology

The S5200LX is the only industrial solution in the market for card engraving with laser technology for low volume Issuance and special applications.

The system offers the best mix of card production features for demanding applications such as engraving of banking and display cards, personalization of ID or driving licenses as well as metal cards.

The state of the art laser source and the dual module architecture allows to fulfill the most demanding requirements in terms of flexibility, performances, quality of engraving and handling of delicate or specialty cards.


Professional mid-volume card printer

The S5200G is a fast mid-volume professional printer, capable of printing up to 2,400 cards per hour in monochrome, dual sided and color print.

S5200G is ideal for the issuance of mid-volume batches for access control, membership, employee ID, financial and loyalty cards. It can be used as stand-alone station or combined into larger systems.